Account of the letter from richard hitchcock to perry smith

Grass Nobody likes a grass, unless, of course, you have crucial info that can solve a murder mystery case. His evidence was make or break for a fellow criminal, so it should have been a tough decision. You see Hickock shared a cell with Wells and it was there that he gleaned all the information about the Clutter family — their victim.

Account of the letter from richard hitchcock to perry smith

Taylor Family Papers, Biographical Note As surveyors, mill owners, publishers and public officials, the Taylor family was active in the community of early Pennsylvania.


Taylor, the collection reveals one hundred and twenty-four years of family history. John Taylor, who is supposed to have come from Wiltshire, was a resident on Tinicum Island inas a lessee under Christopher Taylor. The name of his wife was Hannah, and their children, Elizabeth, Isaac, and John.

He was deceased in His daughter Elizabeth was married, 1, 1,to Hugh Durborow, who with the rest of the family moved to Thornbury. Jacob Taylor acquired a good education, and was engaged in teaching school inwhen, owing to the death of the surveyor general, he was called to take charge of that office, and about was commissioned surveyor-general.

For several years he prepared the necessary calculations for an almanac, together with verses of his own composition and other matter, which were published by Isaiah Warner, William Bradford, and perhaps others.

Isaac Taylor, the brother of Jacob, resided in Thornbury, and was deputy surveyor for Chester County from until his death in Ann married Samuel Savage, of Coventry, an ironmaster. Jacob married, 8, 13,Grace Worrilow, and had several children.

John Taylor, son of Isaac, was a physician, as was his father, and also a surveyor, both under the latter and as his successor until Jacob the Surveyor-Generalwho seems to have married twice, was originally known as an astronomer and mathematician who wrote the first North American mathematical publication - a guidebook to the solar and lunar eclipses for the years He taught school in Philadelphia briefly and went on to author a yearly almanac for forty-six years.

Mary Worrilow Taylor, granddaughter of John d.

Account of the letter from richard hitchcock to perry smith

The Society of Friends disapproved of this marriage since Persifor was Presbyterian. Mary has been purported to reply that she was sorry that she had offended the Society, but she would never be sorry that she had married Persifor. Isaac, son of John d. Box 1 contains documents related to Taylor surveying careers.

Also in Box 1 are legal documents and letters that relate to their county offices and personal matters. Box 2 contains correspondence, poetry, etc. Folders 1 -5 are papers related to Isaac Taylor which include estate papers, a deposition, a commission as well as an indenture agreement with Margarita Herner.

Folders 6 — 25 contain documents related to Jacob Taylor, correspondents include: There are also poems and some astronomical observations. Box 3 contains documents related to John Taylor and his operation of Sarum Forge in Thornbury, including surveys and drafts, work contracts with employees and suppliers of the forge.

Taylor, Harris, Roman, Frazer, and Smith families papers,

Taylor family, Box 1 — Surveying, etc. Logan, Stenton, September 29,regarding the James Lindley incident.

Logan, Stenton, August 12,regarding payment by John Cook.Hi Richard As most of your readers will be aware,in addition to the ''Badlands'' letter,signed ''A citizen'',there is a,so far unauthenticated typed letter,to the Vallejo Police,and received by Sgt Lynch,on the afternoon of August 10th ,signed ''concerned citizen''.This,being the same day that the San Francisco Chronicle published the '' Letter from John Childe, New Castle to Philip Roman, Chichester, and an itemized account which may belong with the letter (Letter edges torn), August Letters.


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INTRODUCTION. The Dartmouth College Library acquired the bulk of the Papers of Richard W. Morin after Morin's death in as the gift of his daughters, Joan Morin Stevenson and . Letter, Richard Ballantyne to Samuel Smith, 3 July Letter, William W.

Phelps and Willard Richards to Thomas Ford, 4 July , John McEwan First Copy Letter, William W. Phelps and Willard Richards to Thomas Ford, 4 July , John McEwan Second Copy.

Please leave flowers for these victims Richard Hitchcock and Perry Smith. They killed the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas.

We lived for thirteen years in Ulysses, Kansas which is only 20 miles from Holcomb. One of our friends, Charles Battin, knew the Clutter's and helped with the clean up of.

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