Antigone full play

Antigone is the girl who will rise up alone and die young. Though one would have expected Haemon to go for Ismene, he inexplicably proposed to Antigone on the night of a ball.

Antigone full play

The backscene represents the front of the palace, with three doors, of which the central and largest is the principal entrance into the house. The time is at daybreak on the morning after the fall of the two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, and the flight of the defeated Argives.

Antigone full play

Nothing painful is there, nothing fraught with ruin, no shame, no dishonour, that I have not seen in thy woes and mine. And now what new edict is this of which they tell, that our Captain hath just published to all Thebes?

Or is it hidden from thee that our friends are threatened with the doom of our foes? ISMENE No word of friends, Antigone, gladsome or painful, hath come to me, since we two sisters were bereft of brothers twain, killed in one day by twofold blow; and since in this last night the Argive host hath fled, know Antigone full play more, whether my fortune be brighter, or more grievous.

Eteocles, they say, with due observance of right and custom, he hath laid in the earth, for his honour among the dead below. But the hapless corpse of Polyneices-as rumour saith, it hath been published to the town that none shall entomb him or mourn, but leave unwept, unsepulchred, Antigone full play welcome store for the birds, as they espy him, to feast on at will.

Thou knowest it now; and thou wilt soon show whether thou art nobly bred, or the base daughter of a noble line. What can be thy meaning? False to him will I never be found. Nay, Antigone full play must remember, first, that we were born women, as who should not strive with men; next, that we are ruled of the stronger, so that we must obey in these things, and in things yet sorer.

I, therefore, asking the Spirits Infernal to pardon, seeing that force is put on me herein, will hearken to our rulers. Nay, be what thou wilt; but I will bury him: I shall rest, a loved one with him whom I have loved, sinless in my crime; for I owe a longer allegiance to the dead than to the living: But if thou wilt, be guilty of dishonouring laws which the gods have stablished in honour.

How I fear for thee! At least, then, disclose this plan to none, but hide it closely,-and so, too, will I. Thou wilt be far more hateful for thy silence, if thou proclaim not these things to all.

But leave me, and the folly that is mine alone, to suffer this dread thing; for I shall not suffer aught so dreadful as an ignoble death.

ISMENE Go, then, if thou must; and of this be sure,-that though thine errand is foolish, to thy dear ones thou art truly dear.

The warrior of the white shield, who came from Argos in his panoply, hath been stirred by thee to headlong flight, in swifter career; LEADER OF THE CHORUS systema 1 who set forth against our land by reason of the vexed claims of Polyneices; and, like shrill-screaming eagle, he flew over into our land, in snow-white pinion sheathed, with an armed throng, and with plumage of helms.

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So fierce was the noise of battle raised behind him, a thing too hard for him to conquer, as he wrestled with his dragon foe. LEADER systema 2 For Zeus utterly abhors the boasts of a proud tongue; and when he beheld them coming on in a great stream, in the haughty pride of clanging gold, he smote with brandished fire one who was now hasting to shout victory at his goal upon our ramparts.

CHORUS strophe 2 Swung down, he fell on the earth with a crash, torch in hand, he who so lately, in the frenzy of the mad onset, was raging against us with the blasts of his tempestuous hate.

But those threats fared not as he hoped; and to other foes the mighty War-god dispensed their several dooms, dealing havoc around, a mighty helper at our need. LEADER systema 3 For seven captains at seven gates, matched against seven, left the tribute of their panoplies to Zeus who turns the battle; save those two of cruel fate, who, born of one sire and one mother, set against each other their twain conquering spears, and are sharers in a common death.

CHORUS antistrophe 2 But since Victory of glorious name hath come to us, with joy responsive to the joy of Thebe whose chariots are many, let us enjoy forgetfulness after the late wars, and visit all the temples of the gods with night-long dance and song; and may Bacchus be our leader, whose dancing shakes the land of Thebe.

LEADER systema 4 But lo, the king of the land comes yonder, Creon, son of Menoeceus, our new ruler by the new fortunes that the gods have given; what counsel is he pondering, that he hath proposed this special conference of elders, summoned by his general mandate?

CREON Sirs, the vessel of our State, after being tossed on wild waves, hath once more been safely steadied by the gods: No man can be fully known, in soul and spirit and mind, until he hath been seen versed in rule and law-giving.

For if any, being supreme guide of the State, cleaves not to the best counsels, but, through some fear, keeps his lips locked, I hold, and have ever held, him most base; and if any makes a friend of more account than his fatherland, that man hath no place in my regard.

And in accord with them is the edict which I have now published to the folk touching the sons of Oedipus;-that Eteocles, who hath fallen fighting for our city, in all renown of arms, shall be entombed, and crowned with every rite that follows the noblest dead to their rest. Such the spirit of my dealing; and never, by deed of mine, shall the wicked stand in honour before the just; but whoso hath good will to Thebes, he shall be honoured of me, in his life and in his death.

GUARD My liege, I will not say that I come breathless from speed, or that have plied a nimble foot; for often did my thoughts make me pause, and wheel round in my path, to return. And if Creon hears this from another, must not thou smart for it?

At last, however, it carried the day that I should come hither-to thee; and, though my tale be nought, yet will I tell it; for I come with a good grip on one hope,-that I can suffer nothing but what is my fate.

CREON Thou hast a shrewd eye for thy mark; well dost thou fence thyself round against the blame; clearly thou hast some strange thing to tell.The full content of this title is only available to members of institutions that have purchased access to this collection.

Please get in touch with your institution’s administrator to request access. Antigone highlights the complications that arise from this simple definition.

Creon defines an enemy as anyone who turns against his city, but Antigone sees only family ties as sacred. Creon defines an enemy as anyone who turns against his city, but Antigone sees only family ties as sacred.

Antigone (/ æ n ˈ t ɪ ɡ ə n i / ann-TIG-ə-nee; Ancient Greek: Ἀντιγόνη) is a tragedy by Sophocles written in or before BC.. Of the three Theban plays Antigone is the third in order of the events depicted in the plays, but it is the first that was written.

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The play expands on the Theban legend that predates it, and it picks up where Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes ends. The goal of Sudoku is to fill in a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, row, and 3×3 section contain the numbers between 1 to 9.

At the beginning of the game, . Created Date: 1/22/ AM. Antigone has been produced with support from Square Chapel Halifax to whom we are indebted.. This was further to an Arts Council GFTA funded Research and Development period supported by Redbridge Drama Centre and Bradfield College..

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