Dorset sheep

These are challenging times indeed for the flock-master who has to face increased costs and lower profit margins.

Dorset sheep

What can he do to protect his interests and face the future with hope? Ideally, it should be prolific, easy to handle, versatile, hardy, able to breed at any time of the year Dorset sheep not be reliant on a high level of additional nutrition.

Polled Dorset sheep will provide a regular cash flow by producing lambs frequently — three times in two years if you wish. It has an economically produced carcass. If this is your aim, look no further than the Polled Dorset Sheep. May weigh up to lbs EWES Appearance bright with feminine characteristics.

Skin color is pink while the hair on the face, legs and ears is white. Growth rates of up to 1 lb 0. WOOL Fleece of good quality and staple, compact and firm to the touch.

Dorset sheep

Broad, full and open at the nostril, well covered with wool from brow to poll, face white with pink nose and lips free from pigmentation. Medium size, white and firm, well covered with hair.

Even, well set jaw with flat chisel shaped teeth, meeting a wide pad with a firm bite. Short to medium length and round, well sprung from the shoulders, with no depression at collar, strong and muscular, especially in the Ram. Well forward, full and deep.

Full, with no depression behind the shoulders.Dorset sheep, medium-sized breed developed in England the only major breed in which both rams and ewes are horned. It has been introduced into many areas of the United States, although it has failed to gain widespread popularity there.

At Stratton Hall LLC we raise old-fashioned, production-style Dorset Horn sheep (also known as Horned Dorsets.) These are your grandfather’s Dorset Horns!

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K Bar K Farm is a breeder of production-oriented Polled Dorset sheep in central Pennsylvania that strives to produce high-quality Dorset rams and ewes that maintain the breed characteristics of the true Dorset..

Our breeding goals include: * Mothering and milking ability * Out of season breeding * Acceleration * Prolificacy * Carcass/muscling . Find high quality Dorset Sheep Gifts at CafePress.

Shop a large selection of custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more. Flinchum Polled Dorsets We've been raising purebred Dorsets since We have strived to produce large framed, structurally correct productive sheep with true Dorset breed character.

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