Hard choices by ronald m shaich

For Shaich, who blogged about the experience on LinkedIn last weekreality sunk in on Wednesday when he went grocery shopping in Dorchester, Mass. While he entered the store with the intention of purchasing the most nutritious items possible within his budget, Shaich says he soon learned that in order to sustain himself for the entire week, he would have to load up on filling, carb-heavy foods, and wasn't able to afford much meat or fruits and vegetables. Shaich wrote on Friday:

Hard choices by ronald m shaich

I understand that you are planning on closing the Panera at Cherry Creek Shopping Center and that is why I am writing. I am very confident that the Panera on Halsted will be busy, but it will not be busy with the people who presently are your clientele on the west side of town.

Has anyone at a corporate level actually looked over our town in person and seen the difference in the two locations? The Halsted Street corridor is basically a commercial corridor and not surrounded by homes.

Where are many places people can go to if you do not leave the Cherry Creek store open, but it will not be Panera Really! Please reconsider this decision, look at the demographics of the area… if the stores I mentioned in my first line are sucessful with multiple locations, Panera surely will be also.

I went to buy a coffee, stood at the register for about 10 minutes, with absolutely nobody in line just me.

Hard choices by ronald m shaich

There was a female chatting and flirting with the cook in the back who saw me waiting there and completely ignored me, and with an attitude yelled: What kind of supervisor says and act like that with a customer!!! Be careful as a customer going to this store.

Morris, especially if you are a female. John Watkins February 26, at 5: It was so bad today, that I left after waiting in line for 10 minutes, and went next door to a competitor business.

Sadly, such a long wait is routine at this Panera Bread location! I work nearby and have been to this location several times before. The staff, whether the cashiers or the sole manager on duty who is ever present behind the scenes in the food preparation areashow absolutely no interest in exercising any manner of customer service or concern about long waiting times that customers must endure.

The Panera Bread District Manager for this region, as well as the Panera Bread corporate office should be aware of this, as this terrible customer service is ruining the Panera Bread brand and customer experience in downtown Brooklyn.

Share Disappointed February 9, at 1: I paid and would have like to have something to eat for lunch. I hope Panera gets better customer service management and staff.

Lisa February 7, at 3: I live right in the middle of two different Penera restaurants. Each is approximately 2 miles from my home, and neither one delivers to my location. I have spoken to managers at both restaurants and they said they would look into it.

However each time I visit the restaurant and ask the manager they continually say they will check into it. Still no delivery options. Can you please advise how delivery can be made available to me? Thanks, L Mary February 2, at 9: Then she said sometimes they have gluten free cookies but they were all sold out.

What is the true story? Melisa January 30, at 8: She is very rude. I always have to repeat what I say. This morning I had to scream it. My throat now hurts. I have brought this issue to the manager, Isaiah several times. January 29, at I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and was told that they were out of cream cheese.

I expressed surprise because this is such a common item. Counter person just said they unexpectedly ran out. Now I hear on the news that there is a recall of your cream cheese.Feb 03,  · In , I opened a cookie store in Boston.

I wanted to add French baked goods and merged with Au Bon Pain, a small, troubled business that was in debt. I . Ronald M. Shaich - founder and chairman Ken Rosenthal - founder of The St.

Louis Bread Comapny Panera Bread Company is a chain store of bakery-café fast casual restaurants with over 2, locations, Soups, Flatbreads, Salads, Side choices, Panera Kids, Fruit smoothies, Frozen drinks, Iced drinks, Coffee, tea, and lemonade.

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Hard Choices The Business Week Magazine has an article called "Hard Choices" written by Ronald M. Shaich. This editorial tells the story of how Ronald M.

Shaich, Panera's CEO, gets to own one of the largest and most recognizable food chains. Hard Choices - Business Week Magazine Article Review Hard Choices The Business Week Magazine has an article called "Hard Choices" written by Ronald M.

Shaich. This editorial tells the story of how Ronald M. Shaich, Panera's CEO, gets to own one of the largest and most recognizable food chains. That's when Ronald M. Shaich (pronounced "shake"), a something fellow Harvard MBA graduate and native Bostonian, entered the picture.

Shaich, who had set up and operated a non-profit convenience store as an undergraduate, was managing a Cookie Jar franchise in Boston in