How to overwrite a file using bufferedwriter in java

The elements returned by the directory stream's iterator are of type Path, each one representing an entry in the directory. The Path objects are obtained as if by resolving the name of the directory entry against dir. When not using the try-with-resources construct, then directory stream's close method should be invoked after iteration is completed so as to free any resources held for the open directory. When an implementation supports operations on entries in the directory that execute in a race-free manner then the returned directory stream is a SecureDirectoryStream.

How to overwrite a file using bufferedwriter in java

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In most cases, the methods defined here will delegate to the associated file system provider to perform the file operations. In Java, I have text from a text field in a String variable called "text".

How can I save the contents of the "text" variable to a file?

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public class BufferedWriter extends Writer Writes text to a character-output stream, buffering characters so as to provide for the efficient writing of single characters, arrays, and strings. The buffer size may be specified, or the default size may be accepted.

The default is large enough for most purposes. If you want to write some content into a file in java using BufferedWriter, use below code as template and reuse it the way you like.

1) Using BufferedWriter without try-with-resources (Before Java 7). Java example code using BufferedWriter and BufferedOutputStream classes to write content to the end of the file.

Files class added in Java 7 also provides methods for appending to a file in Java. There is method which can be used. In my previous example I have explained about how to write to a file using the FileOutputStream. This example demonstrates how to append to an existing file without creating the new file.

how to overwrite a file using bufferedwriter in java

By default, FileOutputStream creates new file or overwrite when we try to write into a file. If you want to.

how to overwrite a file using bufferedwriter in java
FileReader and FileWriter example program in Java