Importance of flower arrangement in hotel

Buy From OurStores Flower Arrangements Enhancing the beauty of flowers with artistic arrangement is the art of flower arrangements. Flower arrangements are an important part of the ambience on any occasionweddings, birthdays, parties or any other events in life. Flower arrangement is an organization of design and color towards creating an ambience using flowers, foliage and other floral accessories. Flower arrangement is not an art to be reserved only for special occasions.

Importance of flower arrangement in hotel

Flower Arrangements in Interior Design Flower arrangement is a design of beauty. It is essentially a decorative piece and should be the centre of attraction.

An arrangement can be composed of only flowers and or foliage or in combination with vegetables and fruits. Flower arrangements have an ability to introduce a personal touch in an otherwise staid and impersonal hotel room. Arrangements can be used in lobbies, restaurants, suites etc.

Guests appreciate flowers for the freshness they bring to the surroundings. Arrangements need not be reserved only for parties or special occasions.

They can be used regularly depending upon the season and the theme. Unconventional and dry material can also be used to make arrangements which are more economical and last longer.

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Design determines the structural pattern of the arrangement. It consists of the relationship between the flowers, foliage and containers. Any design can be produced i.

Design is determined by site of placement, function and materials available. Arrangements may have also to be two sided or all round. Materials should be placed to give a feeling of stability.

Form and colour are important aspects of balance. Formal balance or Symmetrical Balance: In this type, both sides have equal material on either side of the central line. The flowers should have equal visual weight and colour.

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Informal or Asymmetrical Balance In this, two sides are not equal but still have equal visual weight. Dark colours give an effect of more weight than light colours.

They should be centred low in the arrangement. Lighter colours give an impression of lightness and are more suitable towards the outer and upper ends of arrangement. It means proportion and relationship of the various parts of the composition. The plant material has to be in proportion with the container used and the sealing of the plant items with each other must be kept in mind along with the site and function.

A flower arrangement is of good proportion when it is of right side for the container and placement. Rhythm can be described as a sense of movement, which flows through the main lines of the arrangement. The purpose of it is to direct once eyes along it so that the shape of the entire composition is followed and understood.

In flower arrangement this is achieved by grading flowers and arranging foliage, leaning towards the sides. These lines partly decide the design of arrangement. It is the central point of arrangement where emphasis is obtained by large accented flowers, group of flowers or use of darker colours.IKEBANA (Japanese/ Oriental flower arrangement): Bonsai is a horticultural art which is used to beautify hotel interiors, specially lobbies and restaurants.

Bonsai literally means ‘a plant in a tray’. It is a creative art where the raw material is a living thing – a tree or a plant. In the bonsai school, the shape and properties of a.

Here in kthis article we will discuss about flower arrangement and different type of flower arrangement in the hotel. Importance of flower in our daily life Flowers are used for offering and worshiping. Mar 01,  · The arrangement may be two-dimensional since it needs to be viewed by the guest.

Buffet Table: Flower arrangements on buffet table act as centerpieces and focus of attention.

Importance of flower arrangement in hotel

The basic rules of arrangements in dining area should be followed and a multi- tier arrangement of a combination of fruits and carved vegetables can be made. Mar 01,  · Importance of Flower Arrangements in Hotel. Wikiepedia / March 1, Flower arrangement for special banquets like wedding banquets or in honor of VIP guests should be formal and usually monochromatic.

Coffee Table: For a coffee table, a low mass arrangement that can be viewed from all sides is suitable.

Importance of flower arrangement in hotel

Few large flowers. In hotels, flowers are used extensively. Various types of arrangements are chosen, as appropriate to the area and occasion. Medium-sized ‘round’ arrangements are often provided at the guest relations executives’ desk in the lobby and on coffee tables in the lounges.

Elizabeth Marsh examines what a hotel's use of flowers can say about the property and its operators. The Edwin opens in Chattanooga; For example an arrangement using flowers that are the same colour as a nearby painting make that painting leap out of the wall.


I remember visiting an office on several occasions and only noticing the painting.

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