Malaysia ethical issues

He made a quick profit when he sold his shares days later. However, the proceeds were donated to charity after the scandal broke. Morgan denied any wrongdoing and was later cleared by a government inquiry.

Malaysia ethical issues

The 13th Malaysian general election which took place on May 5,was a referendum of sorts. Chief amongst them was corruption, or the lack of ingrained and notable outcomes in weeding out corruption in the public and private sector.

Has the relationship between the public and private sector become too blurred that certain practices, which may deem outright violation to sound business practice, have become a norm in parts of the world?

Malaysia ethical issues

Has Malaysia Malaysia ethical issues prey to this blurring of the lines? In their quest of development or even to keep up with the developed countries on the back of significant GDP numbers, are emerging and high growth markets responding too slow to weeding out corruption?

Are the roles of watchdog bodies clear and are media being selective in highlighting the stories on ethics? Or is culture impeding these countries from doing so? What is blocking the tubes in the fight to eradicate corruption? Perhaps businesses are so driven by bottom lines, bonus packages and executives on their recognition of status that the quest for ethics has gone to the back burners to rot, sometimes even couched as corporate social responsibility.

This cuts across industries and sectors. What drives ethics in any business? What is the role of leadership in instituting ethics? Can it be instituted? Ethics is applicable across all sectors and for that matter, all aspects of life. The commitment of leadership of a company to ethics is important in setting the overall tone and environment for ethical business practices.

Such commitment to ethical business practices is translated into written codes of conduct or guidelines that determine how company employees should interact with external parties principally in the areas of procurement and sales.

Role of education and legislation —There are now discussions about having watchdogs, departments and legislations to ensure ethics. Can you realistically legislate ethics, or does ethics begin with the education system in a country?

Ethics cannot be legislated per se but laws can be legislated to effectively prevent corruption.

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The education system can contribute significantly to the process in the long term as the young are educated and imbibed with the intrinsic value of ethical behaviour.

However, education policy makers are currently absorbed in addressing a number of pressing issues in the education system with respect to quality and standards as we benchmark ourselves to international standards like TIMSS and PISA tests. Apolitical watchdog bodies — To be effective, these bodies must be apolitical.

In some countries, watchdog bodies are on the payroll of the government. Have they been effective in addressing corruption in the public and private sectors in Malaysia?OF DOCTORS IN CONFLICT SITUATIONS Malaysian Medical Council.

ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF DOCTORS IN CONFLICT SITUATIONS SUMMARY The vast majority of medical practitioners, except for those who Professional ethical issues of doctors employed in public or government. Starbucks® in Malaysia is operated by Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd.,a licensee of Starbucks Coffee International.

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But ethical journalism is a value that must be cherished, protected and fortified if media are to maintain public support and democracy in Malaysia is going to prosper. Mexico Browse the report Go to chapter.

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