Oil company must decide whether or

If you live in the Third Department and are injured when a crazed teenager seeking revenge deliberately drives his car over the tent in which you are sleeping at a state park campsite at 6: Good news if you're the injured person; not so good news if you're the miscreant's auto or homeowners insurer. In New York Cent. Young pleaded guilty attempted reckless assault and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Oil company must decide whether or

Stephen Susman founding partner of the law firm Susman Godfrey.

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He recently filed a pioneering global warming lawsuit against ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and twenty other oil, coal and electric companies, on behalf of residents of the Alaskan Native coastal village of Kivalina.

Transcript This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. Earlier this week, a judge in Georgia blocked the construction of a coal-fired power plant, because the plant did not set limits on carbon dioxide emissions. Earlier this year, he helped file a groundbreaking lawsuit on behalf of villagers in the Alaskan town of Kivalina.

The suit accuses twenty oil, gas and electric companies of being responsible for emitting millions of tons of greenhouse gases, causing the Arctic ice to melt.

The suit also accuses eight of the corporations of being involved in a conspiracy to mislead the public about the causes of global warming. Susman and his legal team have adopted a legal strategy similar to that used by lawyers who fought Big Tobacco in the s.

Stephen Susman was also involved in that litigation: Stephen Susman also recently represented the Texas Cities for Clean Air Coalition in their successful effort to block the energy company TXU from building ten new coal-burning power plants.

Attorney Steve Susman joins me here in Aspen, Colorado. We welcome you to Democracy Now! Pleasure to be here. Tell us about this lawsuit.

Well, this lawsuit was — in these cases, you need to find the right plaintiff. This was the perfect plaintiff, because it was a village that has — a Native village that has standing under federal law to bring a lawsuit.

This is not a class action.

Oil company must decide whether or

The problem with all the tobacco cases, initially, was that they had to be brought as class actions. Here, we have a perfect plaintiff: An increase in the ambient temperatures in the Arctic prevents the sea ice from forming on the seaward side of this six-mile-long barrier island.

And as a result, the harsh storms during the fall and winter wash over the island and are about to wash it away.

So there is a direct consequence of the increase in temperatures. You know, you can think of other harms from global warming that are more indirect, like damages from storms. Kivalina was one of those, where, you know, well, the storms — the global warming warms the Gulf Stream, the Gulf Stream creates more severe weather, where the causation is more tenuous.

Here, it was direct, people directly injured. And so, they were the perfect client. They asked us to file this lawsuit on their behalf. A group of lawyers organized themselves and are doing it. And we hope that the court will let us proceed with our claim that many of the defendants in our case — the case is very simple.

The case is a nuisance case. We hope that we will be able to proceed with the lawsuit. And all we are seeking here is not a big pile of money, but to have the oil companies relocate these people to the mainland. One of the motions is that our claim is barred by the statute of limitations, that these people waited too long to file their lawsuit.

Can you imagine that? I mean, people did not realize until fairly recently what was causing all this to happen and who was causing it.Oilco must determine whether or not to drill in the South China Sea It costs $K and if oil is found the value is estimated at $K Oilco believes there is a 45% chance of getting oil Before drilling, Oilco can hire (for $10K) a geologist to obtain more information There is a 50% chance of a favorable report Given a favorable report, there is an 80% chance there is oil there Given an %(7).

A company should choose its own price position, whether high/prestige or low/value and attempt to guide its constituencies (customers, supplies, employees, general public, and others) to the conclusion the company desires.

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Jun 28,  · Jury Must Decide Whether a Drunken College Student's Tossing of a Gallon Oil Drum Out of Second Story Frat House Window Onto Students Below Is "Criminal in Nature" and Excluded from Liability Coverage. Dutch economic affairs minister Henk Kamp said it was up to the shareholders of energy company Eneco NV whether they wished to sell their shares and on what terms.

C olorado voters will have a chance to decide in November whether to block drilling in most of one of America’s largest oil and gas producing states..

. Now the state must decide how to decommission the platform, an arduous process that will require years to complete. The California Marine Resources Legacy Act provides an option for the platform substructure to remain in place as an artificial reef.

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