Reasons why the stock market crashed

Last Sunday, I published a chart that shows every time the unemployment is around 4. I find it amazing that people can come on television and say things that are totally wrong factually, and you can prove it is wrong. Market tops are a process.

Reasons why the stock market crashed

I would like to change that now. It is also, out of all of the rifles thus far mentioned in this post, my favorite type. How much this matters to the infantryman is not for me to say.

For someone like me, though, who enjoys tinkering and toying with mechanical things to find out just how they work, the AK offers a lot more idle recreation than the AR Each rifle tells the story of how it was made The AK today represents the Old World of manufacturing holding its ground against modern total-interchangeability mass production.

In contrast, manufacturing disciplines pioneered in the United States have since helped reduce or eliminate variations in parts that would prevent any given manufactured part from fitting with any other part.

The Kalashnikov rifle is very different; for example, special attention must be paid when pressing the barrel into the trunnion, to ensure that headspace is correct.

This has benefits and drawbacks. Each rifle is unique, and carries forward a tradition of manufacturing that is much, much older than that characterizing the AR The whole rifle is a construct of file marks, bent sheet, and manual milling operations.

How to Survive a Stock Market Crash: "Take These Immediate Steps"

Almost all parts carry with them the evidence of the hands that helped make them, even the magazines and even the polymer ones! Today factories in Europe and Asia still churn out AKs by the thousands using older, more personal methods than the CNC milling, forging, and casting that makes the AR so cheap and consistent.

The configuration of the 5. When temperatures fall, lubricants gel and harden, steel shrinks slightly, and ammunition produces much lower pressure levels providing less power to cycle an action.

The Kalashnikov scores extremely well in cold weather performance ; a fact that reflects very well on its designer, however unsurprising it may be that a Russian firearm would perform well in these conditions. As related in Lt. This generous gift to the moving parts allows the drain of water which might freeze, and helps prevent the seizing or binding of parts in the cold.

Living in the subtropics, excellent performance in the cold is not the highest priority for me, but the engineering that went into achieving that performance is certainly something I appreciate. It has Hollywood good looks The aesthetics of Kalashnikov rifles feel very unique to my eyes.

There are of course mentions to be made of the rifle appearing on flags and coats of armsand being a favorite prop for Hollywood villains, but those thoughts cross my mind but rarely when considering the appearance of my avtomats.

Reasons why the stock market crashed

More often, I appreciate the aesthetics for reminding me of all of the above, and for coming together to compose the overall character of the rifle. And what a character it is! Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era.

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With a 22% slide so far, November could be the worst month for GE stock since February , when it fell 30%.

Reasons why the stock market crashed

After the Interview: Charles Nenner points out if you look back every year that ended in the number 7, it was a market top year. He said, “ will follow the same pattern as , , , , , , and ”.

The reason to celebrate is that is a completely normal and healthy part of investing. Stocks have been on an almost uninterrupted climb since I started this blog in , which may have given beginners an unrealistically rosy picture. In October , the international Stock Market Slump saw markets crash around the world.

The crisis originated when Japan and West Germany pushed up interest rates, pressuring US rates also to rise, triggering a massive sell off of US shares. Global share prices .

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