Sense of belonging

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Sense of belonging

I wanted to write a paper with a strong thesis and facts to back up that thesis. I wanted to write something I could feel proud of went I put it on Slate. Overall I think I achieved my goals and was able to tell a good story. So many different kinds of teenagers with different shapes, colors, personalities and skills in one enclosed area with others always watching our every move.

We are at an age where our bodies are changing, we start to like other people and the slightest of things can change our mood for the rest of the day.

This is also the time of our lives where we try to find who we are and where we belong. As high school students all we want to do it is fit in with some kind of group. Finding a group of friends will allow us to find who we are now and who we want to become.

Finding the group we exactly belong to can be hard process but once we do find that group of friends we belong we can finally find out who exactly we are and meant to be. I remember how I would try to fit in my first year of high school.

‘One-size-fits-all will not work’

I had my own group of friends but was never was fully accepted by the other students so I never felt like I belonged there. I went to SLA because I wanted a fresh start.

No one else from my middle school came to SLA with me and I thought that a new environment and new people would allow me to find exactly who I was.

That I would suddenly have a sense of belonging finally but when I finally got to high school I was completely wrong.

Journal of College Student Development

I remember the first day of school. I walked in and I already saw groups forming. I was part of the varsity baseball team and we were a family. When you are part of a family you always want the best for the other members. We wanted the best for each other and we knew what we had to give to acheive that best.

This family feeling I got from the team gave me the feeling of belong I wanted for months.

Sense of belonging

So why do teenagers need to have a sense of belonging, especially teenagers in high school? To one another, to our friends and families, to our culture and country, to our world.

Belonging is primal, fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being.). Other theorists have described a ‘sense of belonging’ as a feeling (Adler, ; Crandall, ; Goodenow, ) or a need (Baumeister & Leary, ; Maslow, ), but such theories do not satisfy the multifaceted salient terms specific to belonging at school.

The most precise definition is . The feeling of belonging is an essential part of experiencing a full life, yet many people walk around with the painful feeling of not belonging. In this article, Nancy describes how to heal this feeling and why now is the time to do so.

Feb 09,  · In fact, our strongest emotions are tied to our sense of attachment and belonging – love and hate. Belonging is defined as a feeling of choosing, wanting, and feeling permission to be part of a community or group, such as a work team, department company, volunteer organization, church, .

The best aged care creates a sense of belonging. So it’s important to look for places that reflect your own values through things like language groups and engaging activities.” Facebook. Nov 01,  · The following is an empirical measure of “sense of belonging” which sheds light on factors that contribute to retention.

Sense of belonging

Gaining greater clarity regarding factors important to the development of “sense of belonging” can help institutional policy planners evaluate the effectiveness of retention programs on their campuses. Finding a sense of belonging in your community requires putting yourself out there, trying new things and being ready and willing to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Here, we’ll examine ways to find a sense of belonging in your community through honing your new identity, repairing old relationships, developing new ones and putting.

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