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Tap water

For another take on "alkaline water" bunk, read or listen to Brian Dunning's Skeptoid "Kangen Water" "Ionized water" is one of many products and panaceas that the wonky-water wellness industry flogs onto the large segment of the general public that lacks the scientific background to distinguish scientific fact from pseudoscientific hype when the two are closely intertwined.

The purpose of this page is to critically examine some of the claims about "ionized" and alkaline waters from the standpoint of modern chemistry and physiology in Tap water to provide you with the information you need to make your own informed decision before opening your wallets to the hucksters of these products and whose claims are totally lacking in scientific support.

What most of these outfits actually sell are grossly overpriced electrical devices that purport to produce "ionized" and alkaline water by the process of electrolysis. Many of these "water ionizers" appear to have their origins in Japan and Korea, two countries whose populations seem to be particularly susceptible to being taken in by pseudoscientific water-treatment schemes.

In North America, distribution of these dubious devices has depended largely on multi-level marketing schemes that enroll science-ignorant dealers to exploit even-more-vulnerable consumers while enabling the manufacturer to maintain a low profile to regulatory agencies such as the FTC.

It doesn't help that quackery-filled "alternative health" books such as pH Miracle Living and Alkalize or Die by "Doctor" Theodore Baroody whose scientific credentials seem highly dubious plug alkaline water as one way of preventing cancer or of increasing one's lifespan.

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There is even a Tap water that offers complete "alkaline diets" for which they make ridiculous claims. Even the otherwise respectable Kurzweil and Grossman's Fantastic Voyage see below goes off the track on this craze.

In multi-level marketing scams, the parent company keeps a low profile and makes few claims that would attract the scrutiny of regulators such as the U.

Instead, they recruit thousands of "independent agents" who are provided with sales iterature containing false and misleading claims which they then transmit to their customers or put up on their own Web sites.

These agents, few of whom are well-enough educated to evaluate these claims or to realize that they violate the FTC rules on deceptive advertisingare as much victims as are their consumer customers.

Tap water

Consider, for example, this outright lie that can be found at some Kangen Water sales sites: Don't believe any of this deceptive garbage! Kangen is frequently misspelled as "Kangan". But unless you have some solid background in chemistry and physiology as the author and most of the "authorities" he cites clearly do notbeware that many of the statements are misleading, wrong, or are just plain nonsense.

Alkaline water not for you?

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Of course, cranberry or citrus juices are much less expensive sources of equally acidic water. The bottom line Here, in a nutshell, are a few basic facts that I believe anyone with a solid background in chemistry or physiology would concur with: Pure water that is, water containing no dissolved ions is too unconductive to undergo signficant electrolysis by "water ionizer" devices.

Pure water can never be alkaline or acidic, nor can it be made so by electrolysis. Alkaline water must contain metallic ions of some kind — most commonly, sodium, calcium or magnesium. The idea that one must consume alkaline water to neutralize the effects of acidic foods is ridiculous; we get rid of excess acid by exhaling carbon dioxide.

If you do drink alkaline water, its alkalinity is quickly removed by the highly acidic gastric fluid in the stomach. Uptake of water occurs mainly in the intestine, not in the stomach.

But when stomach contents enter the intestine, they are neutralized and made alkaline by the pancreatic secretions — so all the water you drink eventually becomes alkaline anyway.

The claims about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water are not supported by credible scientific evidence. It is actually an oxidizing agent, as can be seen by its ability to decolorize iodine see video There is nothing wrong with drinking slightly acidic waters such as rainwater.

The pH of drinking water has zero effect on that of the blood or of the body's cells. If you really want to de-acidify your stomach at the possible cost of interfering with protein digestionwhy spend hundreds of dollars for an electrolysis device when you can take calcium-magnesium pills, Alka-Seltzer or Milk of Magnesia?

Electrolysis devices are generally worthless for treating water for health enhancement, removal of common impurities, disinfection, and scale control. Claims that "ionized" waters are antioxidants are untrue; hypochlorites present in most such waters are in fact oxidizing agents.

Claims that "water ionizers are approved for use in Japanese hospitals" are misleading:iStock/deepblue4you Remember the drinking fountain, that once ubiquitous, and free, source of H2O?

It seems quaint now.

Instead, bottled water is everywhere, in offices, airplanes, stores, homes. Tap water (running water, city water, town water, municipal water, etc.) is water supplied to a tap (valve).Its uses include drinking, washing, cooking, and the flushing of ph-vs.com tap water is distributed through "indoor plumbing", which has existed since antiquity but was available to very few people until the second half of the 19th century when it began to spread in popularity in.

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People often take their drinking water for granted. In most western countries we don’t think twice before grabbing a glass and sticking it underneath a tap.

But when you’re traveling the tap water may not be safe to drink. You need drinking water no matter where you go, but with travellers.

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