The causes of deterioration of air

Heat is the prime cause which leads to electrical insulation deterioration. Some possible causes of heat generation in the electrical insulation are as follows: Heat is generated in the electrically stressed insulation, due to dielectric loss and conduction currents.

The causes of deterioration of air

By Kylee Reichert Sr. Posted on March 10, The Causes of environmental deterioration Are produced with the consumption of resources such as air, water and soil. A consumption that results in the disintegration of the natural balance of ecosystems.

It is produced by changes or damages to nature that may be viewed as undesirable or harmful. The ecological effect of degradation is created by the substantial expansion of the human population, the constant expansion of monetary development and the application of consumer technologies and resource contaminants.

Environmental damage occurs when natural resources are consumed in their entirety and the environment is compromised with species extinction and air, water and soil pollution.

While environmental degradation is commonly associated with human activities, there are natural changes that occur over time.

The causes of deterioration of air

Some ecosystems degrade themselves to the point where they can no longer support the species that once lived there. Phenomena such as landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and fires can significantly reduce the communities of flora and fauna of some specific area to the point where they cease to be functional.

These changes work through physical destruction due to a natural disaster or the long-term degradation of resources caused by the introduction of a new species into a habitat. This last phenomenon has been documented The causes of deterioration of air hurricanes, where species are transported through small water passages to new environments The degree of environmental impact caused by human activities may vary with the type of damage, the habitat in which it was inflicted and the fauna and flora resident in it.

The causes of deterioration of air

Below is a list of the most common causes of environmental degradation known. The number of cars has grown exponentially in countries like India, Brazil and China to become a form of significant pollution that directly affects communities.

He Smog Is one of the consequences created by the vehicular pollution and the hydrocarbons emitted by the engines. This type of pollution is one of the causes of low levels of ozone in the atmosphere. The construction causes the polluting substances to be trapped in the cities.

This effect is caused by the retention of solar radiation by concrete and cement, which are materials that conserve heat extremely well. The construction activities also cause the removal of the vegetal layer that, under normal conditions, allows a more effective heat exchange.

This effect also results in restricted air circulation, which causes contaminants to remain within urban areas. This implies that there is no efficient mixing of air currents, so the quality of the air is reduced.

The environmental degradation caused by urbanism can cause some damage from which ecosystems can not be recovered. The flora and fauna that once inhabited these sites are lost forever.

In order to reduce future impacts, urban planning, industry and resource managers must consider the long-term effects of development projects on the environment to prevent future impacts on development.

These are created when primary pollutants react with each other. There are many substances of this type, whose reaction leads to the formation of ozone holes in the atmosphere.

Stratospheric clouds are the main reaction site of these pollutants. Most of the field workers resort to the conversion of forests and grasslands into farmland that reduce the quality of natural forests and vegetation cover.

The pressure to convert land into cropland for food production and livestock raising has led exponentially to the depreciation of natural environments, wildlife, and fertile lands.

1 need of planned, cyclical and reactive maintenance program for buildings

Intensive farming practices destroy fertile soils and surrounding vegetation due to the accumulation of toxic substances such as minerals and heavy metals. These create a complete destruction of the chemical and biological activities of the soil.

Leaks from agricultural wastes, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to freshwater and marine ecosystems have also deteriorated the quality of wildlife habitats, natural water sources, wetlands and aquatic life in general. Fertilizers contain large amounts of phosphorus that can cause algal blooms in lakes.

As the algae die, the bacteria begin to degrade the organic material. The bacteria consume all available oxygen content in the water causing, in turn, that all plants, fish and other organisms begin to die.

The aquatic environment becomes acidic and becomes a dead site with conditions so toxic that neither plants nor animals can survive there.Causes of Deterioration of Paper Nimfa R.

Maravilla. Nimfa Maravilla (nee Rubias) is a chemical engineer who joined the National Historical Institute's (NHI) Materials Conservation Center (MCC) in NHI is cultural agency under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (Office of the President) in the Philippines.

Human Sources of Environmental Deterioration. Water and Air Pollution. Water and air pollution are unfortunately the common causes of environmental degradation. Pollution introduces contaminants into the environment that can maim or even kill plant and animal species.

The two often go hand in hand. Causes of Deterioration of Paper Nimfa R. Maravilla. Nimfa Maravilla (nee Rubias) is a chemical engineer who joined the National Historical Institute's (NHI) Materials Conservation Center (MCC) in Causes: Airborne or waterborne debris moving across the concrete surface.

Effects: Progressive section loss can lead to inadequate concrete cover and corrosion of the reinforcing steel, reducing structural capacity.

The main purpose of this report is to discuss causes of the building deterioration, effective maintenance program for buildings and with building repair in an attempt to overcome such common building problems.

Environmental Deterioration: What It Is, Causes and Consequences By Dr. Shayna Bosco PhD Posted on April 21, He Environmental deterioration Is the disintegration of the land through the consumption of goods, for example, air, water and soil; The destruction of environments and the eradication of wildlife.

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