Write an inequality that represents the graphic fairy

We will assign a number to a line, which we call slope, that will give us a measure of the "steepness" or "direction" of the line.

Write an inequality that represents the graphic fairy

Elena must have an average of at least 90 in Math to compete in the Math Olympiad. Her current math test scores are 81, 85, 91, 97, and 90 on the first five tests. What is the minimum score she must attain on the sixth test to achieve an average of 90?

Alexander rented a booth at the Comic Pro Conference to sell his new graphic novel. Write an inequality to represent the number of graphic novels he must sell to make a profit.

Show the linear inequality and its graph. The freshman class has balloons to decorate the gymnasium for the homecoming dance. They prepare bouquets of 2 or 3 balloons. Write an inequality that shows the number of bouquets of each type that are possible, and draw the graph.

At the homecoming football game, the Cleveland High team must score more than 78 points to break the school record. The points come from either touchdowns 7 points or field goals 3 points.

Write an inequality that shows the number of touchdowns and field goals the team might score to break the record, and draw the graph. The re-posting of materials in part or whole from this site to the Internet is copyright violation and is not considered "fair use" for educators.


Please read the " Terms of Use ".Represent constraints by equations or inequalities, and by systems of equations and/or inequalities, and interpret solutions as viable or nonviable options in a modeling context.

For example, represent inequalities describing nutritional and cost constraints on combinations of different foods. A solution of an inequality in two variables is an ordered pair of numbers that, when substituted into the inequality, makes the inequality a true statement.

The graph of a linear inequality in two variables is a half-plane. MCCEE.8 Write an inequality of the form or to represent a constraint or condition in a real-world or mathematical problem. Recognize that inequalities of the form or have infinitely many solutions; represent solutions of such inequalities on number line diagrams.

write an inequality that represents the graphic fairy

Probability phrases and their inequalities Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Write two linear equations you can use to graph the equation. Compare the graphs of the pair of functions. Describe how the graph of the second function relates to the graph of the first function.

Write an equation for the horizontal translation of. It contains the symbols, ≤, or ≥. To write an inequality, look for the following phrases to determine where to place the inequality symbol. Key Vocabulary inequality, p.

solution of an inequality, p. solution set, p.

write an inequality that represents the graphic fairy

graph of an inequality, p. EXAMPLE 1 Writing Inequalities Write the word sentence as an inequality. a.

Write and graph a linear inequality that represents th situation. () | Wyzant Resources