Writing a plain language statement

All-age Plain English communications Welcome!

Writing a plain language statement

Scientists and engineers with expertise in the subject matter, and Scientists and engineers who do not have expertise in the specific subject matter. In my experience, one of the greatest obstacles to plain language writing is the failure to ask and answer a few questions before you start writing: Who is your audience?

What is their understanding of the topic? What kind of language do they use and understand? What is your purpose? Your purpose and your thesis are not the same.

Why are you writing? Is it to inform, inspire, motivate to action, change thinking, or some other reason? If your purpose it to motivate to action, name 3 actions. If you want to inspire, what would that look like — stopping to look at an outcrop when they see it, taking a geology class, or sharing with a friend?

Taking the time to answer these questions can help you clarify what plain language is for a given piece of writing. Writing about the pollution in my neighborhood will look very different if I am writing to get a politician to take action against a polluter versus describing the conditions to a scientist to inform their future data collection decisions.

What is plain language writing to you? What questions do you ask yourself before you start writing? Geological Survey General Interest Publication. Geological Survey Unnumbered Series. Accessed 16 March at http:Section and the Plain Writing Act are two laws focused on ensuring the accessibility and comprehensibility of federal communications.

In this session, you will learn how these laws complement each other and how using plain language in your communications can support accessibility under .

Plain language includes all techniques used for clear communication. When writing any type of document, a questionnaire, manual or legal document, test your plain language . For some, “plain language” carries connotations of “dumbing down” the language – a kind of Dick-and-Jane style of writing that panders to the lowest common denominator.

writing a plain language statement

But this is a misunderstanding of the true nature of “plain language”, at least as practised by skillful proponents. Last year, the Center for Plain Language, a non-profit devoted to advancing plain language, issued the first report card on efforts to comply with the Plain Writing Act.

USDA received the . Jan 28,  · The Center for Plain Language gave Energy an A for compliance with the Plain Writing Act and a B for writing. "Five years ago this was like pulling teeth," Blessing said.

"We've really gotten past.

writing a plain language statement

Plain language is not an absolute, static target; plain language depends on our intended audience. A personal statement writer service will always focus on this fact for a reason, it is what matters most.

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